Creation and modernisation of processing, marketing and/or development of agricultural products

Creation and Modernisation of Agricultural Product Processing, Marketing and/or Development Units

Creation and modernisation of processing, marketing and/or development units for agricultural products

Grant amount: 40% in eligible costs

Eligible Expenditure:

  1. Construction or extension of premises (€800/sqm per covered area)
  2. Remodelling or remodelling of buildings (€250/sqm of covered area)
  3. Notes: The use of the premises indicated in the building permit must be consistent with the activity of the investment project
  4. New machinery and equipment
  5. Means of transport for the movement of products within the production site
  6. Computer equipment, software systems, computers and peripheral equipment
  7. Air conditioning systems
  8. Means of transport
  9. Consultancy fees
  10. Quality assurance systems

Payment of Public Funding:

  1. Advance 50% after the signing of the public financing agreement.
  2. Implementation and certification of project costs 30-60%, payment of 10-20 thousand euros.
  3. Upon completion of the project, grant the remaining amount.

Why would I do it?

Access to grants and funding through the programme provides important financial support for business start-up or expansion. This can be particularly important for smaller businesses that may not have easy access to other forms of finance.

Technological Upgrading and Innovation

 Grants can be used to buy new machinery and technological equipment, helping businesses to remain competitive and increase productivity.

Improving Quality and Efficiency

Aid through the programme encourages enterprises to implement quality assurance systems and improve their production methods, thus increasing overall efficiency.

4. Enhancing Market Competitiveness

With the help of finance, businesses can develop or improve their products and services, increasing their market presence and competitiveness.

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