Tax Guide for Successful Businesses: Tax Reduction Legally and Strategically

Tax guide seminar

Tax Guide for Successful Businesses: Reducing Taxes Legally and Strategically

  • Title of the programme: "Tax Guide for Successful Businesses: Reducing Taxes Legally and Strategically".
  • Duration: 42 hours.
  • Objective: Enhancing knowledge in the field of tax planning.
  • Focus: From corporate taxation to international trade taxation.
  • Purpose: Legitimate reduction of tax burdens and exploitation of tax opportunities.

Candidates for Participation:

  • Business people to upgrade their tax knowledge.
  • Accountants and tax advisors for updates on tax developments.
  • Lawyers specialised in tax law.
  • Consultancy firms for training staff in tax planning.
  • Employees in the accounting and tax departments of large companies.
  • Investors to understand tax implications.


The main elements of the programme are:

  • Cost: Normal Cost 1130€, Grant reduction 880€, Final Cost 250€ (excluding VAT).
  • Duration: 42 hours.
  • Goal: Equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills for effective Tax Reduction Legally and Strategically

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reasons for participation

Participation in the seminar provides specialized knowledge in the field of grants, a crucial factor for the success of businesses and projects in Cyprus and the European Union. An understanding of grant procedures and priorities is vital for the successful development of business initiatives.

Acquisition of practical skills

The seminar is not limited to theoretical training but offers practical exercises and case studies. Participants will acquire practical skills that can be directly applied in their professional role, thus enhancing their business activity.

Networking with Professionals:

The seminar is an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals and experts in the grants field. The exchange of ideas and experiences can prove valuable for future collaborations and professional opportunities.

Enhancing Career Prospects

Participation in this seminar can enhance the CV and professional potential of the participants. Gaining specific knowledge in grant management is an important asset in the labour market.

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