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Announcement of the New Grant Programme for Conservation Building up to 100.000 Euro

Announcement of the New Grant Programme for Conservation Building up to 100.000 Euro

We are pleased to announce the launch of an innovative grant programme aimed at upgrading and preserving the building heritage. The programme provides financial support for building and carpentry works, with a maximum grant of €100,000.

Beneficiaries of the Programme: The programme is open to men and women legally residing in controlled areas of the Republic of Cyprus, regardless of their employment status. Special emphasis is given to young people aged 18-29, men 30-50 and women 30-55.

Sponsorship Terms:

  • Maximum grant: €100,000.
  • Tender cost: 1.400€/m2, with 50% subsidized.
  • Support works: up to 20.000€ with 2/3 subsidy.
  • Shell maintenance: up to 20.000€ with 2/3 subsidy.

Programme Incentives:

  • Financial Incentives: 50% of the costs will be covered by the Government.
  • Transfer of Building Factor: Ability to sell coefficient to tower builders.
  • Tax Incentives: Income from renting the property after completion will not be taxed.

How we can contribute as a company:

  1. Completion of the process and sending for grant.
  2. Provision of a bid by a contractor (optional).

Participation in this program is a unique opportunity for those who wish to upgrade and preserve historic and architectural heritage with the support of government and other benefits.

Why would I do it?

The renovation of a listed building contributes to the preservation and conservation of the historical and cultural heritage of an area, providing a valuable piece of past heritage for future generations.

Improving the Quality of Life

The renovation of a listed building can significantly improve the quality of life for residents by providing comfortable living and working spaces.

Development of Tourism

Listed buildings are often tourist attractions. The renovation of such buildings strengthens local tourism and contributes to the local economy.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Refurbished listed homes can be more energy efficient, with reduced energy consumption and lower running costs.

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