Promotion of employment and social inclusion

Announcement of New Grants for the Recruitment of Employees: supporting employment and social inclusion

The launch of a salary subsidy scheme aimed at recruiting new employees is announced. This programme offers significant support to businesses by stimulating employment for specific categories of people. The grants available range from €5,000 to €22,360, in the following schemes:


  • Long-term unemployed recruitment: Subsidised with €5,000 for 6 months.
  • Recruitment of a person under 30 years old with a degree: Subsidised with €8,400 for 8 months.
  • Recruitment of a person with disabilities: Subsidised with €22,360 for 24 months.
  • Recruitment of a person with a chronic condition: Subsidised with €22,360 for 24 months.


It is underlined that the programme has limited budget and the number of applications is also limited. Therefore, interested companies must act immediately to secure the grant.

reasons for employers and enterprises to participate

Participating in these programmes is a way for companies to show that they are more than just profit-making entities and to demonstrate a more integrated and responsible business approach.

Financial support

Direct financial support through grants is an important incentive. Grants reduce recruitment and payroll costs, making it easier for companies to hire more staff and invest their resources in other areas.

2. Social Responsibility and Corporate Reputation

Participation in these programmes enhances a company's corporate reputation. Supporting vulnerable groups, such as the long-term unemployed or people with disabilities, shows social sensitivity and increases corporate reputation.

3. Creating Different Working Groups

Recruiting people from different social and professional groups can enhance diversity and creativity in the workplace, which is seen as valuable for innovation and decision-making.

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