Investment in tangible and intangible assets - in processing equipment and winemaking infrastructure - in wine marketing structures and tools

Investment in tangible and intangible assets - in processing equipment and winemaking infrastructure - in wine marketing structures and tools

Investments in the Winery Sector: Materials, Intangible Assets and Equipment

The wine market is constantly evolving and wine businesses are constantly facing new challenges and opportunities. By promoting innovation and development, we provide support to existing and new wine businesses, producer organisations, and other relevant groups.

Beneficiaries of Intervention:

  • Category of beneficiaries A: Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as defined by the Commission of the European Communities.
  • Category of beneficiaries B: Enterprises not covered by the Commission Recommendation, with fewer than 750 employees or an annual turnover of less than €200 million.
  • Category of beneficiaries C: Enterprises with more than 750 employees or an annual turnover of more than EUR 200 million.

Eligible Expenditure:

  • Processing equipment
  • Winery infrastructure
  • Wine marketing structures and tools

Height of Aid:

  • 40% for Class A
  • 20% for Category B
  • 15% for Category C
  • Maximum sponsorship amount: €200.000


  • Wine merchants who do not have a winery or a distillery shall be excluded.
  • Aid to firms in difficulty is not allowed.
  • Applications will be considered on the basis of the date of submission.

Investing in the wine sector is an opportunity for growth and innovation. With the support of this programme, the way is paved for upgrading your capabilities and strengthening your market presence.

Why would I do it?

The wine market is constantly evolving, with new trends and changes in consumer preferences. Investing in modern equipment and infrastructure allows businesses to remain competitive and adapt more easily to these changes.

Promoting Innovation and Technological Development

The use of new technologies and innovative methods in winemaking can improve wine quality, increase production efficiency and reduce costs.

Enhancing Market Competitiveness

By investing in new equipment and infrastructure, companies can produce higher quality products and serve market demand more efficiently, thus increasing their market presence.

Access to Financial Incentives and Support

Participation in the programme provides businesses with access to grants and financing opportunities that can reduce the initial cost of investment and boost their profitability.

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